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Heart ECG HandBook, HistoBook, KCalBook on AppWorld!

15 05 2012

Heart ECG HandBook

After the big success of Heart ECG Handbook on the Google Play with 200,000+ downloads, It comes in the BlackBerry AppWorld for PlayBook as well!

“Being able to read an ECG is a prerequisite for every good medical doctor and now even common people can learn to do it thanks to Heart ECG Guide. Your Android has just become an ECG reader! App makes available 25 different physiologic/pathologic ECG – the most common – to make you study and understand them. Each one includes a short description (with some clinical note), heart frequency and an excellent drang&drop image of the ECG to learn the basis of cardiology. Moreover, to test your knowledge, App includes an interactive quiz collection to check your progress and give you the opportunity to improve! Heart ECG Guide is the personal trainer for ECG’s reader!”

Link and screenshots here.


Big collection of microscopy images (over then 270) to learn recognize’s art of histological slide, obscure to many and more difficult for others.
Bring with your PlayBook a microscope!

Link and screenshots here.


The app allow to track various meal during the day classifyng them basing by assumption’s hour and corrispondend calories, working as a Food Book.
It is possible to know macromolecular/energy content of a lot of aliments and using Food Book function will be possible to take notes in an easy way the various calories taken at meal-end.
This will help to follow an healthy and balanced diet!

Link and screenshots here.

Download directly from AppWorld:


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