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Safe Data SMS v3.0 released!

06 11 2011

Do you search a secure and unassailable safe?
Safe Data is what you need! It has an infinite capacity of memorize for several kinds of data, all encrypted by a personal key.

Save notes, credit cards, addresses…all preserved encrypted!

But Safe Data isn’t a common app to save your data…what that make it different from other similar apps is the “server” function:
it happens usually (unfortunable) of go out without phones with you or of forget it at home…and, in these occasions, we realize that we need an information saved in our phone.

So, how to do?
If the information that you need is saved in Safe Data, nothing is more simple.
You simply send a text to your Android with the request and it will answer immediately with requested data (more informations about this in “Guide” section in the app)*!

Safe Data is a cheaper alternative to the most emblazon apps for storing data but not for this less powerful, using it as well AES encrypt method.
You will can save what you want, when you want and how you want.

You will can save, customizing the icon of your elements among these available, various kind of data:
credit cards
personal documents
fiscal codes
various codes
and so on

Safe Data: confortable and secure!

You can find more informations here


Some screenshots:

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