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Histo Book

09 10 2011

Big collection of microscopy images (over then 270) to learn recognize’s art of histological slide, obscure to many and more difficult for others.
Bring with your Android a microscope!

This is the ideal app for Biology’s, Pharmacy’s and Medicine’s students but with others studends as well that want to learn this ostic argument as fascinating.

The big number of images and the quality of the sharp images with excellent resolution available to find the more little differences as well and to learn them.
Images, explorable with a comfortable Pinch To Zoom allow a new histological experience, peerless speaking of portability.

Each image is related with a short description, behind some others information, useful to contestualize it.

Full Version allow everything this ma with the possibility to use the app in “Offline Mode”. Won’t be necessary so an internet connection after downloaded each image!

Free Version has a limited number of views and need an internet connection to download of images. To have an unlimited number of views is possible to buy Full Version.

You can find it here

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