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Heart ECG Handbook

09 10 2011

Read a ECG is prerequisite of each good medical doctor!
But now common people as well can, thank you to Heart ECG Guide, to lern how to read an electrocardiogram and see the difference, charateristics and to understand why.
Your Android became an ECG reader!
App includes most commont 25 different phisiologic/pathologic ECG, all be studied, understood and lern. Each one includes a short description (someone clinical note), heart frequency and a excellent drang&drop image of the ECG to lern basis of cardiology’s art
To test you knowledges, then, app allows for each different ECG included in it an interative quiz collection to check knowledge’s progress and better them!
Heart ECG Guide is the personal trainer for ECG’s reader!
Lite Version allows a * limited number * of consultations; to have an unlimited number consultations is avaible cheap Full Version.

You can find it here

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